About Dove Song

Farm Store hours:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday | 9am-7pm
Saturday | 10am-5pm

Dove Song Dairy is a diversified old-fashioned family farm located in the rolling hills of Berks County, Pennsylvania. Our farm, which dates back to the colonial era, uses a modern-day milking facility we designed to ensure quality conditions for our milk and comfort for our animals. Our 200 goats, made up of mostly Alpines, LaManchas, and Nubians are individually named and enjoyed by friends and family alike.

We believe in a natural approach to animal husbandry. Our farm is organic (not certified) and sustainable. We never use pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers or sludge on our fields. That way we can be sure the soil, the wildlife and our livestock aren’t absorbing anything that could be harmful or toxic.

Our dairy goats, chickens, ducks, turkeys, sheep, pigs and other livestock are pastured year round and we feed them all our own special ration made from our own organically grown barley, spelt and sunflower seeds. We add kelp, flaxseed and minerals to help keep them healthy. We never feed any of our animals corn, soy, wheat, silage or give them antibiotics or added hormones.

We are a hardworking farm family. Farming is our life and we enjoy every part of it from collecting the eggs to milking the goats, from working in the fields to making cheeses and everything in between. From our family to yours… enjoy!

The Schaeffer Family