Goat Cheese

Our Milk | We believe that a great cheese starts with great milk. Our goats have access to pasture every day. They never receive antibiotics, hormones, corn, soy, wheat, silage or animal bi-products. We farm sustainably without using any chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.

Farmstead | Our cheeses are made on our farm, by us, with milk from our goats. We never use milk from other farms.

Artisan | We make our cheeses by hand in small batches so the end product is pure perfection.

Fresh | Our cheese is always made with fresh milk and doesn’t contain any preservatives. We use organic ingredients or produce grown right here on the farm.

Fresh Cheeses

available in 4oz. 8oz. and special order 32oz. containers

Classic | A Timeless Classic.

Classic Chevre Mild, creamy and spreadable. It will make the most ordinary dish unforgettable! Try it swirled in a bowl of hot tomato or butternut squash bisque or a chilled cucumber or peach soup.

Jump, Chive & Wail | Swingin’ with flavor.

Jump, Chive and Wail An upbeat blend of organic garlic and chives in our creamy fresh goat cheese. Try it on baked or mashed potatoes.

Spinny Dipper | Dive right in.

Spinny Dipper Refreshing dip of organic spinach and artichoke in our creamy fresh goat cheese — perfect for dipping pita chips, toast points & crudités!

Scarborough Flair | A true love of mine.

Scarborough Flair Our creamy fresh goat cheese mixed with organic parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. Great as a sandwich spread or added to rice for an easy cheesy herbal pilaf.

Tomato in Love | A love fest of flavor.

Tomato in Love A happy marriage of organic sundried tomatoes and kalamata olives in our creamy fresh goat cheese. This cheese makes a lovely and simple appetizer when spread on flatbread wedges or sliced baguette and topped with a fresh basil leaf.

Don Parmesan | That’s Amore.

Don Parmesan Our creamy fresh goat cheese with an Italian pulse; blended with our goat milk parmesan and freshly cracked organic black peppercorn. Very nice tossed in pasta or as a ravioli filling.

Fig-A-licious | So delicious.

Fig-A-licious Organic black mission figs in our creamy fresh goat cheese, sweetened lightly with local wildflower honey and a hint of nutmeg. It’s quite tasty spread on bagels or apple slices.

Bonfire | Gather round.

Bonfire A cozy wood smoked chevre aglow with chipotle. Make that bowl of chili, chicken fajita or pulled pork sandwich a real masterpiece with this cheese.

Gingerberry Twist | Season’s Eating!

Gingerberry Twist A festive dance of cranberries and candied ginger. Skip the traditional sauce at your next holiday bash and instead serve up fresh slices of apples, pears or nut bread with this joyous cheese (only available during the holiday season).

Headless Horseradish | It’ll Get You!

Aged Goat Cheeses

Salty Seagull

Raw Feta

This is a brisk salty Feta aged in a traditional sea salt brine. The perfect addition for salads.

Snow Goose

A semi-hard cheese with a slight salty tang. Our mildest aged cheese is great for snacking or melting. It’s ideal for grilled cheese sandwiches and pizza.


This creamy cheese is sharp and buttery with light fruity undertones. Aged over 7 months yielding a more complex cheese with extra depth of flavor.

Jack Robin

This Monterey Jack style cheese is a fresh, slightly salty, semi-hard cheese. Versatile and mild it toasts beautifully

Hot Chickadee

Our pepperjack style cheese is lovely to look at and to eat, studded with jalepeno and chili peppers. It’s gentle heat is a crowd pleaser.

Garlic & Dill

Our jack cheese with garlic and dill

Night Hawk

This cave ripened cheese is made only during the winter months when our milk is even richer in butterfat and protein. It’s then aged to perfection resulting in a sweetly earthy, sharp dry cheese with a nutty undertone and crystalline crumble. The edible rind is hand rubbed with local wildflower honey and Spanish smoked paprika. It can be simply savored with fruit and wine.

Red Winged Blackbird

This red and black wax covered semi-hard cheese is reminiscent of an aged gouda. It is salty and tangy with a subtle nutty flavor and creamy texture making it our favorite for melting, especially over a bowl of French onion soup.

Drunken Sparrow

This unforgettable cheese, with it’s deeply fruity aroma, is soaked in elderberry wine pressings for several months giving it an intense wine flavor and deep purple edible rind. It’s sublime with cured meats and olives.



The state of Pennsylvania requires raw cheeses to be aged a minimum of two months. For that reason all of our fresh cheeses have been pasteurized. Visit our store here at the farm or go to the Places to Purchase page to find out where to buy our cheeses. Sorry, we do not accept credit or debit cards at the farm.

If you would like a specific flavor cheese, just contact us a week in advance and we’ll make it just for you.