The babies are here!

It’s that time again… the babies are here! The very first goat to kid had triplets and it hasn’t slowed down much since then. We haven’t had any more triplets, but most of our goats have twins so it adds up quickly. We’re currently at forty five. About half of the goats that had babies were new mommies so it was the first time they were milked.┬áMost of them are fine with that but there’s always a┬ácouple that will jump straight up in the air those first few times. Once they realize it doesn’t hurt they settle down pretty quickly. The babies are all doing well. They stay in the back of the barn where it’s the warmest and free of drafts. We’ve had a few days that were warm enough to let them go outside and they of course loved that. Spring will be here soon and then they’ll be able to spend more time outdoors.