Milking Time

The milking parlor

 We wanted to tell you how we milk the goats at our farm. Our goal is to produce the best goat milk we can and we feel a big part of that is keeping it clean and getting it chilled right away.


Our milking parlor has a raised platform that the goats come in and stand on fourteen at a time. They walk up one ramp to come in to the parlor and another one to go down when it’s time to go back out to the barn.  The goats always look forward to being milked because they get fed at the same time. We clean their udders thoroughly with an iodine solution and a clean paper towel. We have four cow milkers that we’ve converted for use on our goats. The milk goes directly from the goat into the milker, into the glass pipeline and then to the milk tank where it is immediately chilled.

Goat getting milked